Team 5-01 | North


Number: 01

Title: Aesthetics of Regeneration

Keywords: aesthetics, spectacle, perception

Description:¬†While walking through the area of King’s Cross that was redeveloped, we noticed many signs and boards that had bright and playful images and words on them. Though they existed for functional purposes, these qualities of theirs lent them an artistic quality and made them feel like public art. We expressed this notion of the found images as art in our collage by layering the different images in a way that parallels the paintings of Josef Albers. We chose to make the layers square-shaped to make it akin to viewing what the boarding around construction sites looks like from the top-down. The back layer is a picture of the boarding surrounding a construction site that had images of leaves on them, as if trying to make the construction site look like a park. The middle two layers are images of signs from the empty storefronts that the developers were trying to sell, and the layer in the foreground is a sign stating the amount of retail space available for sale. We also layered colors from Albers’ paintings that were similar to those of our found images over our collage to further emphasise our point that the redevelopment of the area itself is like public art, with its vivid and striking signs, the effort put behind these signs and spaces to make them more artistic, and the presence of these signs in the public realm. Just like artworks, these signs can be read closely and reveal more than they seem to on the surface.


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