Team 4-02 | North

collage 2.5

Number: 02

Title: Reflecting on Community

Keywords: windows, bridge, mirrors


This image depicts a pattern of windows and mirrored reflections that we saw on building facades while we were walking near King’s Cross. We noticed that the windows reflected the environment around it, like the clouds that are depicted in this image. The way that the windows were arranged in this image also forms a kind of bridge going across the middle.

We drew our inspiration from how the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture redesigned their new campus, adding more windows to the rooms as a form of opening up more to the community around them. We wanted to show how planned regeneration of infrastructure should be mindful of the community around it. It should also be a reflection of the environment that surrounds it, regarding the existing backdrop that it is housed in. In this sense, regeneration of this sort should always be about bridging gaps, drawing connections between the old and new. Planned regeneration is a reflective practice, always mindful, purposeful and deliberative.

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