Team 4-01 | North

collage 1

Number: 01

Title: Connecting Platform

Keywords: interconnection, weave, intersect


For this image, we manipulated various photos of different kinds of lines found around King’s Cross, and made them into a somewhat incoherent mess. Here we observe an ordered disorder, where lines, representing the various rail lines flowing in and out of King’s Cross station, all interweave and intersect. It is a glorious mess, and it somehow functions perfectly. We chose to manipulate this image in this manner to portray the pieced-togetherness of King’s Cross, in the way different old and new elements were masterfully incorporated into the new scheme to create a seamless fabric of London.

This conveys our message of the importance of connectedness, and the ability to collect people of different backgrounds together as vital to regeneration efforts. Much like the complicated railways, regeneration efforts also require the coming together of various political agents to ensure successful regeneration efforts.

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