Team 3-02 | North

day 6 number 2

Number: 02

Title: Human Aesthetics

Keywords: Glass, Windows, Brick

Description: The collage shows two mirrored images of an old brick building which has humans on display in its window. This is a commentary on how modern, transparent glass buildings (found in the background) use human activities as part of its aesthetics. This human aspect of urban design becomes glaringly obvious when we replicate it on an old brick building. Glass buildings invite viewers into their inhabitants’ lives and activities. Every glass building is unique because every human is different. Tall glass buildings in Singapore’s business districts keep their lights turned on even at night to add to their aesthetics of wealth and excess. Mapping the same idea on to an old, brick building may seem absurd because we are used to older buildings having intricate designs on the exterior instead of humans from  interior adding to their beauty.

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