Team 3-02 | East-In

day 5 number 1

Number: 02

Title: Is it mine?

Keywords: Graffiti, Church, Public-private

Description: This collage brings out the tension between public and private spaces in London. The silhouette of the church is cut out onto a graffitied wall, and represents how it has been closed off for a private event  despite being a public place of worship for masses. The street art represents the personalisation and appropriation of public walls by private individuals, where their actions blur the public and private nature of the space. The Roman wall of London fences off the church to highlight further the divide between the public and the private. Regeneration of the city is often keen on bridging the public and private by creating more open spaces for individuals, and we wonder if there were other less overt ways the community challenges this dichotomy between public and private.

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