Team 3-01 | East-In

day 5 number 2

Number: 01

Title: Change the Walls for My Beliefs

Keywords: Mosque, Religion, Racism

Description: This collage highlights the racial and religious tension within Spitalfields through the juxtaposition of Islamic and Jewish sites of worship on a Georgian wall in the area. The social demographic of Spitalfields underwent numerous changes over the years, from being a mostly French enclave to a Jewish one, then a Bangladesh, Muslimi enclave. The religious sites have thus been repurposed over the years to meet the spiritual needs of the changing society in that area and just like their surrounding presence in the image, surround the communal life of the residents in the area. This racial and religious shift seem to suggest tolerance and harmony in the area (which might not necessarily be the case). The police van in the middle is a protest against larger waves of racism that is present in our time,which is navigating in an area surrounded by religious sensitivity.

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