Team 3-01 | North

day 6 number 1

Number: 01

Title: The Bigger Picture

Keywords: Planning, Pattern, Congruence 

Description: We have arranged three different buildings from King’s Cross in a regular pattern and overlaid it with a translucent layer  of an art installation of London’s map made with pins. When walking along King’s Cross, one can feel that the buildings are arranged incongruently and out of place. Since the area has such varied architecture, it is hard to visualise any pattern among the buildings.  However, when viewed from a macro level, they create a  pattern. The image is a symbol of this ‘whole’ that needs to be considered when carrying out any form of regeneration or development. Buildings need to work together to be functional as areas have to be built with drainage links, roads and numerous other shared amenities. As such, a pattern does exist to the King’s Cross for the eagle’s eyes and this collage has tried to artistically visualise that pattern. This collage pays homage to  the monumental task of an urban developer.

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