Team 2-02 | North


Number: 02

Title: Hand-in-hand

Keywords: cooperation, engagement, community-developer

Utilising Qu Lei Lei’s Chinese ink painting, Journey, from the British Museum as our base image, this collage addresses the social engagement efforts carried out by developers of the King’s Cross area. On one hand, there are images of the various infrastructure that make up the newly regenerated King’s Cross Station. On the other hand, a collage of the people that interact and use this space lay over the hand. As both hands come to hold each other, it represents the effective community engagement done by the developers. From there, we are able to see how the such successful community-developer partnership can bring about regeneration that is beneficial to both parties. While some other developers’ engagement with the locals may be tokenistic, this has not been the case for King’s Cross. Moreover, this regeneration project’s success is accentuated by taking into account of  King’s Cross cohesiveness with the rest of London.

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