Team 6-02 | East – In


Number: 02

Title: Night(club) at the Church

Keywords: multiple usage, church, adaptive reuse

Description: A church should have solely been a place of worship. Yet, as the sound of music rang through these hallowed halls, playing almost blasphemous music that proclaimed “Black Jesus – Amen Fashion”, a sense of uncanny settles across the area. It is almost as if the holy has gone to sleep, replaced with a new worship of capitalism. Yet, as signs around the church, asking for generous donations as “it takes¬†¬£300 to maintain the church each day”, the worship of capitalism might be seen as a means to an end to sustain the holy, rather than completely undermining it. The collage thus retains the integrity of the church, although altering the colour balance to show how it has undergone a different use, uses that might not necessarily be about worshipping the holy, represented by our friends, Sheryl and Tiara, who look like they might be out for a night of fun at a club.


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