Team 6-01 | East – In


Number: 01

Title: The Evolution of Roads

Keywords: mobility, transformation, attitudes

Description: At Brick Lane, we saw how a church became a synagogue and now a mosque as the demographic and hence the needs of the community changed. We then tried to see where similar trends occurred, and realized how the roads were changing as a result of the changing needs of the people. As more people became environmentally and health conscious, there is a growing number of cyclists on the road. In response to this trend, the authorities began carving up bicycle lanes on existing roads, and the amount of space left for cars declined. This piece attempts to predict the future, and we are pushing the trend of more bicycle lanes to the extreme, where roads transform into car free arteries that are utilized only by bicycles and public transport. Of course, how roads transform would depend very much on the needs and mindsets of the people, and if we continue to see bicycles and cars on the roads, this would mean that not everyone is ready to give up their cars for other forms of transportation.

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