Team 5-02 | East-In


Number: 02

Title: Pushing Away

Keywords: fabric, immigration, intermingling

Description: In Brick Lane, there is a strong and obvious divide between the comparatively newer hipster enclave and the older Bangladeshi immigrant area. We represented this obvious visual divide with the use of the road signs for Brick Lane, with the sign in English on the top to represent the hipster enclave area that has emerged, and with the sign in Bengali at the bottom to represent the immigrant part of the neighbourhood. Rather than giving both parts of the collage equal space, we made the upper part representing the hipster enclave bigger, to show that it is pushing out the immigrant community — the pressures of the newer and hipper part of Brick Lane are encroaching on the older immigrant enclave. We used an image of a wall of graffiti found in the hipster enclave area as the background of the top half of the collage. Its vivid colors and bold images represent the mood of the hipster enclave and its inhabitants: people with bold personalities who like to make statements. This provides a striking visual contrast with the background of the bottom half of the image (just like the visual contrast between the two parts of Brick Lane in reality): a more muted and modest pattern found on Masjids. While both backgrounds are vibrant and dynamic in their own ways, just like the different neighbourhoods, the top half and the hipster enclave it represents is more attention-grabbing — and this may mean the future development of this area at the expense of that of the immigrant part of the neighborhood.

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