Team 5-01 | East-In


Number: 01

Title: Urban Fabric

Keywords: encroachment, interwoven, patchwork

Description: As we were walking down the Whitechapel area, what struck out the most to us were different shades and hues of bricks. Whether it was ochre, red, beige, rust, green, or a quirky pink, it was fascinating to learn the centuries old stories of immigration these bricks had to tell. In our collage, we’ve tried to emulate the idea of interweaving fabric with the help of these bricks. The criss-cross pattern is reflective of the textile industry that first attracted Bangladeshi immigrants to this area. But if you look into the gaps this criss-cross pattern has left, you will find images of a sourdough donut (which is now a major tourist attraction of the area) and craftings at the facade of the Whitechapel Art Gallery. This is supposed to signify the filling in of gaps by the quirks and relatively recent developments in the area – all of which come together to weave the fabric of Whitechapel.

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