Team 4-02 | East In

Collage 2

Number: 02

Title: Synergy in Symmetry

Keywords: coexist, complementary, different


This collage depicts a tessellation of doors and windows of some of the houses in Spitalfields. A viewer will be drawn towards the centre of this image of perfect symmetry and be able to appreciate the pattern of the image.
This work is inspired by how the Spitalfields area houses both bengali curry houses and hipster shops – seemingly unrelated shops oddly placed within walking distance of each other. Yet, as strange neighbours, they seem to be able to coexist in synergy, attracting visitors who come for both the curry and the hipster vintage shopping. Even in historic times, the bengali people were integral to the community, rejuvenating the area, producing high quality silk for the British, and creating the highly successful spitalfield market.

Thus, our collage aims to illustrate the synergistic relationship between the two forms of regeneration which give Spitalfields its own flavour, drawing visitors into this unique attraction centre.

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