Team 4-01 | East In

collage 1

Number: 01

Title: Closing Time

Keywords: closing, rejuvenation, demolition


In this image, we combined a photo of the Church Bell Foundry, which is due to be closed in a month’s time, and a series of images of a foot stepping on a road barrier, formed in a diagonal manner. It is a literal closing of a door.

In choosing these elements for our image, we depict the closing down of the old in order to make way for the new as a necessary part of urban regeneration. The church bell foundry, which has existed for over 300 years, has finally been arranged for demolition for many reasons, one of which is the lack of a successor to the business. This was of course met with disappointment from the public, but also the idea of a romanticised nature of conservation in the UK. The photo is thus a symbolic representation of this “stopping and going” in redevelopment, questioning when we stop or process with redevelopment and “gentrification”. When is it time to walk away from the past, and when should we resist the urge to rebrand ourselves as “modern?

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