Team 2-02 | East-In


street art collage

Number: 02

Title: The Great Wave off Kanagawa (after Hokusai)

Keywords: voice, pocket, imagination


While walking along Cheshire Street, we found a colourful flight of stairs and an overhead bridge that led us to the Nomadic Community Gardens of Brick Lane, where artists transformed a once-derelict space into a beautiful, homely garden. Even in the absence of social activity, the place felt full of life – and this feeling encapsulates the effect of pocket regeneration through street art on the rest of Brick Lane and its surrounding areas as well.

This collage expresses how the interactions within a cluster of street art blends the real world and the fictional. Street art as a tool for reclaiming public space has an awareness of not only the spaces that they are placed in, but other artworks around them, and reality as well – a wall can tell stories, sparking our imagination to see objects in the world beyond their functional potentials.

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