Team 2-01 | East-In

Collage Day 5

Number: 01

Title: Conservation through Regeneration

Keywords: small-scale, continuity, contrast

Description: Contrasting with the large-scale, top-down redevelopment scheme that we have encountered in the last few days, from Canary Wharf to Olympic Village, Brick Lane’s regeneration has been characterized by small-scale, individual-led revitalization through conservation. Concurrently, regeneration has also become an effective means for conservation. This collage aims to highlight the contrast between the built-forms and social makeup that result from these two opposing approaches. While the former blatantly erases the past, which is often labelled as “blighted”, “declined” to welcome the capitalist future, the latter strives to retain and respect the cultural and architectural fabric that has already existed. Regeneration does not necessarily mean a break from the past, it can be a continuity. Conservation does not necessarily mean fixing the past in its time, it can be a constant renewal.

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