Team 6-02 | East – Out


Number: 02

Title: Opportunity

Keywords: legacy, opportunity cost, dubious benefits

Description: The London Olympics was built on legacy promises, promises that would be able to lift the entire community out of poverty. It was hoped that, just as Jack managed to grab the goose that had laid golden eggs from the lair of the giant, so too could Stratford grab the goose of development that had eluded east London for so long. Yet, these golden eggs the goose had laid were not the ones Jack had managed to sell. No; development in Stratford hardly managed to fulfil many of these legacy promises. Just as the collage shows a goose defecating opportunistic development that surely has trickle-down effects, but not in the quantity promised, and to less people than expected, the collage aims to show how regeneration in Stratford came at a cost to many in the area: empty promises of opportunity.

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