Team 5-02 | East-Out


Number: 02

Title: Empty Spaces

Keywords: legacy, vitality, unfulfilled

In our collage, we wanted to tell the narrative of how devoid of people the entire East Village/2012 Olympics site was when we visited, despite how busy one would expect such a venue to be, and despite the many promises of legacies the Olympics-related development was supposed to create. The Games were to leave behind legacies of job creation and more affordable social housing, and generally create more vibrant communities — in line with the utopic atmosphere surrounding the games. Yet, it created a sterile dystopia, vastly empty. In this image, we placed silhouettes of people in the foreground to express how such developments and spaces should create and house vibrant communities filled with people. The large size of the silhouettes also express how we feel the spaces should be filled with people. We then filled these silhouettes with an image of the empty path leading up to the Olympic stadium to show just how void of people the space was. The background of the image is a space that the guide pointed out: a space where people could potentially express themselves (eg by graffiti) but are not allowed to. Rather than a vibrant and vital city area, we get one that is a sterile and almost hauntingly dystopian in its unexpected emptiness.

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