Team 5-01 | East-Out


Number: 01

Title: The Price of Regeneration

Keywords: trade-off, pressure, relief

Description: While walking around Canary Wharf, what stood out to us were the tall glass buildings housing large corporations and stressed workers, and the many shopping malls in the area. We combined aspects of the two in our image, where we replaced mannequins in a storefront with images of stressed office workers that we saw smoking outside their office premises. We also replaced the name of the store with the name of a large corporation. Our collage speaks to how the whole story of the urbanisation and regeneration of Canary Wharf is a notion that is being sold to people and companies, who later buy into the idea. However, the price that is paid by the office workers who work in the area is that of immense levels of stress, as evident by how we saw many office workers taking a break from their work and smoking during our walk around the area. We represented the smoking in our collage by layering smoke over the image. This also has the added effect of making the attractive and shiny store (and the promises of urbanization and regeneration it represents) seem like it is going up in smoke.

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