Team 4-02 | East Out


Number: 02

Title: Divergence

Keywords: transformation, contrasting, twisted


This piece depicts the railway road on the way to Stratford, the site of the Olympic Park, breaking into two paths – the first leads to a graffiti-covered house, the second to a business centre. This piece was inspired by our trip to Stratford, where we were introduced to different forms of regeneration. The graffiti house represents community-led, DIY urbanism as we saw at the square in front of Stratford centre where street performances have sprouted spontaneously, while the business district represents a planned, calculated move towards regeneration through economic means, like the development of the business centre near the Olympic park.

By manipulating our image in such a twisting and turning manner, we convey the message that regeneration can take on various forms, and there is no singular way to approach regeneration. Flexibility and open-mindedness in thinking about regeneration thus becomes vital, as does the recognition of all forms as valid is vital.


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