Team 2-01 | East-Out

Market vs State

Number: 01

Title: Market-led vs State-led Regeneration

Keywords: market, state, agency

Description: This collage explores the difference in the built-environments and social makeup between the financial center of Canary Wharf, and the London Olympic Site’s Residence in the Stratford area. Canary Wharf, despite being a state-led regeneration effort, welcomes the crushing force of capitalism, which results in the built-environment full high-rise office buildings for banks and insurance companies.┬áPeople who frequent the area are mostly wealthy men in suits, who ironically, stand in long queues for fast food everyday. On the other hand, the Stratford Olympic Redevelopment area, while being a market-led regeneration effort, caters to working-class people in need of social housing, and creates a community of families, living┬áleisurely at a much slower pace.

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