Team 4-01 | East Out

collage 2

Number: 01

Title: Emergent Publics

Keywords: rejuvenation, spontaneity, community


In this image, we manipulated photos of Stratford Centre and a park in the Olympic Park and lay them neatly in order to create a comparative effect. On the top is the park, a planned site of regeneration, while on the bottom is Stratford Centre, which represents a kind of spontaneous regeneration by the people, through street art.

This was a form of revitalisation in a community that had been economically depressed and neglected for quite some time. Similarly, the park we visited in olympic park used to be an industrial area, but new greenery changed the entire neighborhood and use of the area. Our image depicts these two different forms of rejuvenation, street art and greenery, and how they are also examples of two different “publics”. A “public” in terms of its built form and function – a public park, and a “public” that involves various actors, a public performance.

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