Team 3-02 | East-Out

Number: 02

Title: Prettify Me

Keywords: Regulation, Beautification, Scale

Description: This collage depicts pathway tiles with cigarette litter, with some of the tiles covered with pretty images like cupcakes, flowers, and murals on the balconies of houses in the Olympic Village. The image conveys a message of using superficial beauty to redesign a place to make it more aesthetically pleasing, even if the effort was not consistent. Most striking in the Olympic Village were the  decorated balconies as they show the colourful ironies of the place. While residents in the area are restrained with dystopian rules like “Do not keep pets”, “Do not put anything in the balconies”, “Do not even have a rug outside your doors”, the colourful balconies almost seem to compensate for the colourlessness of the lifestyle in the area. These “pretty” objects are trying to block out the ugliness of the cigarette buds of the tiles; they aim to distract viewers from the dirtiness of the tiles just like the East Village overshadows the dirty past of its area as both a post-industrial and an Olympic wasteland.

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