Team 3-01 | East-Out


day 4 number 1

Number: 01

Title: Segmented Time

Keywords: Time, Lifestyle, Routine

Description: This collage presents the life of a white collar worker in Canary Wharf using the roof of the Crossrail Place as the structure for their clock. The collage contrasts the neat row of bicycles to the neat line of office workers queuing for their lunch; a green public park to a manmade concrete public space; and the old cranes from the past life of Canary Wharf to its present day towering office buildings. The images are set like a clock, depicting the routine of the the people working there, going from place to place like clockwork: arriving to work on a bike, queuing up for lunch, sitting in a park to have lunch, heading up the office building to work, and so on. While there seems to be the illusion of flexibility in their life (they can choose what to eat, where to eat), the rigidity of their lifestyle is exemplified through this collage.

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