Team 2-02 | East-Out



Number: 02

Title: The Curated Future

Keywords: sterile, vision, culture

Description: Development proposals pin down a future, enticing us to buy into their ambitions. These visions are grand and lofty – but ultimately, what lies at the end of these promises? Whose regeneration is it, and who benefits? On the one hand, the London Docklands and Olympics East Village sites that we saw were void of elements that we might identify with expressions of a local culture, such as graffiti. On the other hand, rules and regulations bring a sense of order to these places, enhancing safety and cleanliness. From the point of view of an outsider, regeneration has sterilised the London Docklands and Olympics East Village; however, residents who move into Olympics East Village are content with giving up some individual freedom for a greater stability in their living environments. With children in tow, a predictably promising future means a lot.

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