Team 6-01 | Centre


Number: 01

Title: Consumerism is the new Religion

Keywords: consumerism, religion, coexistence

Description: For hundreds of years, 3D models have been used to illustrate building and regeneration plans. These models allow the viewer to better visualize how new plans are like, especially in relation with its surroundings. In doing so, models serve as a powerful persuasive device in drawing the viewer into the regeneration that is represented. Moreover, these models can convey a wealth of information such as building heights, facades, and design elements that 2D maps cannot. However, these 3D models have not completely replaced 2D maps. 2D maps are still useful in conveying information that are more difficult to convey in 3D models, such as the uses and occupants of individual rooms on each floor. So while we now have a new way of representing plans, this has not made the old way obsolete, and they in fact complement each other.

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