Team 5-02 | Center


Title: The Heart of Empire

Keywords: colonialism, capitalism, power

Description: Around the edges of this collage, we have arranged the Bank of England building such that its pediments are pointing toward the face at the center of the collage, as if they are arrows pointed at it, ready to attack. In the pediments of each of the buildings, we have placed images of expensive objects being sold in the stores surrounding Bank Junction: exquisite jewelry, perfume, and a porcelain vase. Over these images we have placed blood splatters, to signify that much of the wealth of this country came at the expense of the many countries that it had colonized. These blood splatters were taken from the a gold sculpture we had found inside the Barbican Centre that had red paint splattered over it (intentionally so, in our opinion). We took the face of the gold sculpture and placed it in the middle of the collage, showing how the wealth and opulence at the heart of the empire is not all shiny and good; behind it is a dark past with much blood shed.

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