Team 5-01 | Center

Day 4_1_Group5

Title: Barbi(un)can(ny)

Keywords: tension, consonance, microcosm

Description: In this collage, we arranged different sights and textures we saw around the Barbican Centre in horizontal layers, paralleling the multiple storeys of the residential blocks in the complex. Just like how the residents that live in the complex are strange neighbors to each other, the various components of the complex can also be understood as strange neighbors: for instance, the fairly peaceful and still waters of the pond in juxtaposition with the hammered concrete of the pillars. The varied heights of the layers are proportional to how much of those objects/uses we saw in the Barbican, with buildings and people generally being more prominent than the natural landscape. We also chose to make the layers jut out and not form a neat and perfect rhombus to reflect the sense of uncanniness and discomfort that comes with having strange neighbors.

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