Team 4-02 | Centre


Number: 02

Title: Real Strange

Keywords: strangeness, reality, quotidien


In this image, we manipulated a photograph of a condominium opposite the Barbican, and in some of its windows, placed photos of everyday patterns/buildings/signs/textures that we encountered in the Barbican and around the London city centre. In that sense, these subjects are figuratively and literally strange neighbours, as each are strange in their own way, and each “occupy” an apartment in the condominium.

Visually however, the image looks like columns and rows of televisions depicting various strange scenes. In our everyday lives, these strange things don’t garner much attention. As we walk across the centre of London, rarely do we notice small signs, or look up to see how the lights look as a pattern. Just as there is no centre in this image, which causes the viewer’s eye to dart around the image, in reality we are distracted passers-by who can appreciate how a place feels, but we rarely pay attention to the the little strange things that result from regeneration in progress.

Regeneration is present in the tiny, subtle things around us, and they all contribute towards a particular style, design and feel of a place – but are we attentive to these little things?

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