Team 4-01 | Centre

collage 1

Number: 01

Title: Raw and Renewed

Keywords: harmony, reinvention, parallel


From the outside, the Barbican’s raw concrete structure, with its hammer-picked texture, is a reminder of the fortified city London used to be. The building is a modern invention of its time that tries to bring ideas of the past with it through its interior that has modern facilities hosting a wide range of art, music, theatre events within its walls.

This collage depicts how the Barbican, whilst staying true to its old, brutalist origins, continues to re-invent itself and regenerate to keep up with the times. This image was a spin off of a poster at the Barbican promoting an upcoming music festival event. The hammer-picked concrete of the old represents the Barbican’s everlasting history, while the bright solid red, green leaves and the youth in the poster represent constant growth, reinvention and dynamicism of the new and upcoming. A single blue light shines though the the ikmage, and here, old and new harmoniously interact to develop Barbican’s unique image – a building complex that known for being both an archetype of Brutalist architecture, as well as Europe’s largest fine arts venue. This is a perfect depiction of how old and new can coexist in parallel within a building complex without being in competition with each other, each adding its own function and value in enhancing the space.

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