Team 3-02 | Centre

Number: 02

Title: Skyline Chips

Keywords: Iconic, Identity, Building

Description: The 3 buildings and construction worker are markers of the changing landscape of the City of London. The tower of one of the Wren churches, which was indicative of medieval London’s skyline, is grouped with the NatWest Tower which was the tallest building in London for a long time and led to tightening of building regulations. Together with them, is the Gherkin, which stands as testimony to the post-modernist contemporary architecture, and is the identity of London’s skyline today. The construction worker gazes into the distance, possibly wondering about these towering icons that he has helped build. On the left is a lone security guard who looks over these buildings making sure they are safe. The iconic London buildings are put together in a bowl of chips to playfully replicate how they seem from a macro perspective of the London skyline.

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