Team 3-01 | Centre

Number: 01

Title: Make Me New

Keywords: Bowellism, Reconstruction, Pillars

Desciption: The collage shows the classical pillars of the British Museum being replaced by the Bowellist pillars of the the Lloyd’s Building. The old and the new architectural styles are controversially close in this collage. By replacing the pillars of the British Museum with the Lloyd’s, we have brought together two irreconcilable architectural ideas. The British Museum has been specifically chosen in this image which brought the old and the new together as it is itself a regenerated building. While the old British Museum gets the new Lloyd’s woven into it very subtly, the background represents the process of converting the old to the new to emphasise on the interaction between the old and the new in this image. The background is a building covered to hide its reconstruction to look new while the lone crane on the top of the museum and the construction worker are tools facilitating reconstruction and regeneration. The old and the new here have come together both in totality with a manipulated museum and in slow progression through the tools of reconstruction.

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