Team 2-02 | Center


Number: 02

TitleFolded Time

Keywords: location, time, architectural style.

Description: In this collage, we aim to highlight the fact that even though the No.1 Poultry Building and the Lloyd’s Building were built in around the same period (1980s), the Lloyd’s Building was allowed to be much raw in its expression and disconnected from its surrounding landscape. The Poultry Building, on the other hand, needs to engage with its surrounding environment and incorporates classical elements in its architecture. In this example of regeneration, time seems to be a minor factor influencing the acceptable architecture compared to location. As the No.1 Poultry Building is in the middle of the classical set piece at the City of London, as shown in the collage, it needs to conform to a certain typology, whereas, the Lloyd’s building, situated just a few blocks behind, can be blatantly “bowelist”.

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