Team 2-01 | Centre



Number: 01

Title: Enjoy Your Starbucks Pastry on the Ceiling

Keywords: spontaneity, structure, activation


Tourists and busy businesspeople share the same spaces of Leadenhall Market and Paternoster Square. In Leadenhall Market, pavements and their junctions were passageways through which people either passed through quickly or loitered momentarily in – either way, always on their feet ready to go. The only exceptions to this were people dining outside restaurants, and shoe-shiners working hard. We identify people as “businesspeople”, “tourists” and “passers-by” – not as individuals, but as types of users in the space. It is a highly impersonal place with structure and tension.

This structure can be broken by social spaces activated through portable furniture and public benches, which we saw in Paternoster Square. Portable beach chairs and ping pong tables enable the creation of a spontaneous relaxed atmosphere in a space; and this infects even well-suited businessmen. Through their participation in these social spaces, we can see people as individual persons.

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