Team 1-02 | Center

Day 3 Old New Old

Number: 02

Title: No 1 Poultry

Keywords: regeneration, inactivity, constant

Description: ┬áThe concept of ‘Old New Old’ is well illustrated in the No 1 Poultry Building on the Bank Junction. In this post-modernist design, elements of both modern and classical styles are used, which we have already discussed in great details. However, based on our discovery today, we realized that even the space inside No 1 Poultry Building is undergoing regeneration, as all the shops are closed down and the entire building is undergoing renovation. Hence, this collage aims to illustrate this constant theme of regeneration through collaging various objects inside No 1 Poultry Building together. Elements of the buildings are placed diagonally to create this sense of energy. The inner elements of the buildings are placed outside and on top of the building, including chairs, tents and inner walls.

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