Team 5-02 | West


Number: 02

Title: Intentional Strangeness

Keywords: power, class, symbiotic

Description:¬†At the heart of this collage lies the idea of regeneration through force. It represents taking over of land which was occupied by the poor by the rich as a way of ‘solving’ the poverty crisis in the last two centuries. The picture in the middle depicts one of the most posh housings in the City of Westminster, while the ones around depict different kinds of relatively poor housings that still exist in the area. Ideally, housing is supposed to be planned in a manner that best fits the needs of all stakeholders, but the way in which the poor were pushed to the peripheries in order to give an illusion that poverty had been dealt with is strange. This collage therefore reflects the theme that strange neighbours are in fact created, and perpetuated over centuries by the planners of the city of London

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