Team 5-01 | West


Number: 01

Title: Transportation Turn

Keywords: transportation, catalyst, mobility

Description: We learnt that the developments in train technology from steam engines to being powered by electricity allowed for St James Park Station to be built taller than it initially was. The transformation in transportation technology thus enabled a progression in building technology and building typology along the entire of Victoria Street. We expressed this by using the logo of the London Underground and filling it in with a map of Westminster today, with Victoria Street highlighted in pink. The pink and blue background are akin to the symbolic colors of the London Underground. We chose to underlay the image with a map of Westminster today to situate the transportation and housing developments that have taken place in the area. We also intentionally made the map black and white to make it look like maps of the past, to put across the message that what is current/new will continually become old and outdated, as more developments and progress take place.

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