Team 3-02 | West

day 2 number 2

Number: 02

Title: Planning Game

Keywords: Chess, Planning gain, Social housing

Description: With a modern chessboard like pattern, the building originally meant for social housing is at the same time old and new. Developed to house the working class and eradicate the slums, the building is seemingly a friend of Victoria Street, that was planned to forcefully close up the Devi’s Acre slum. However, they seem to be uncomfortable with each other, as evidenced by the almost devilish, out of context, bust of the music composer Henry Purcell, akin to Medusa, that stands by the bend in Victoria Street. In this image, the chessboard is on the orchard, part of the social housing, and indicates how the usage of the buildings switches with the era, and is dependent on the carefully considered moves of various players. The bust is indicative of its eccentric placement on a street for the rich against the housing which intended to house as many people as possible.

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