Team 2-02 | West


Number: 02

Title: The Cycle of Regeneration

Keywords: cycle, poor-rich-poor, gentrification

Description: Victoria Street in Westminster may seem like a congruous set of lego pieces – where the houses share the same architectural styles and typology. However, upon learning more about the history of the place, we find out that the demographics of residents have been changing over time. In the past, these streets were inhabited by beggars and slum-dwellers – this is represented by the cold blue empty street in the foreground of our collage. As the rich aristocrats came to build social housing in a bid to remove the slums, we see a plethora of blocks such as those in the mid-ground of our collage. These buildings house the working class people such as that of policemen, artisans etc. Fast forward to today, and we the very same houses being owned by the same aristocratic class of people who first built these buildings; and the beggars or lower-end of society is once again displaced onto the streets. Hence, through the gentrification of Victoria Street, our team sees that regeneration is as much of a cycle as the poverty cycle.

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