Team 2-01 | West


Number: 01

Title: Planes of Mediation

Keywords: sacred, consumerism, old/new

Description: One of the most obvious examples of “strange neighbours” we encountered is the church, which is a symbol of sacred faith and humility is situated facing a modern mall, which represents consumerism and affluence. However, when we were at the site, we personally did not sense the uncomfortable intrusion that each building poses to the other. We hypothesise that perhaps, the landscape design mediates the contrast. Hence, in this collage, we explore how the design elements mediate the contrast between the church and the commercial mall. To us, the vast piazza space in between the church and the piazza and presence of greenery both act as mediators to make a “harmonious neighborhood” out of “strange neighbours”. Thus, in our collage, we emphasize these elements while de-emphasize the scale of the church and the mall. If commercial encroachment is a reality we must accept, we wonder what other architectural elements can be designed to soften the contrast?


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