Team 3-01 | South

Number: 02

Title: Living Vs Non-living Attractions of Southbank

Keywords: Competition, Performer, Riverside

Description: This image aims to put forth the competition present between the living and non-living attractions of Southbank. Southbank is home to countless tourist attractions including River Thames and the Big Ben. Sharing the same space and competing for attention from tourists are people themselves. These people include the extravagantly dressed performers hoping for some earnings and unwilling entertainers just living their lives. This collage shows living attractions through street performers, a cute baby (an unintended living attraction) and a BMX stuntman, in the backdrop of the architectural spectacle and natural attraction of the river. The strange neighbours, the living (humans) and non-living (buildings and water), are sharing the space to attract the tourists in their direction. The space provides a natural cycle of regeneration for the living attractions: as long as tourists keep coming, countless performers will come and go in the hopes of some earning and greater exposure for their art. The performers are not only neighbours with the background but also tenants who borrow a tiny land space from their overbearing, large neighbours: the natural and architectural scenery.

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