Team 3-02 | South

day 1 number 2

Number: 02

Title: The Old shall Ride through the New Ages

Keywords: Old & new, Regeneration, Tate modern

Description: This collage is set with the backdrop of the Tate Modern, previously a factory. The regeneration of the redundant factory into a hip gallery is a stark reminder of how old infrastructures regenerate to have new functions to  live on among us. Gertie’s new friend from Trinidad and Tobago on the left of the image is a living reminder that people grow old but adjust to the new ages. He is not just an enthusiastic old man, but also a joyous lover of the contemporary days. The car behind the pillar is a strange proof that humans are attached to their past and despite seeking new technologies and innovation, we look to the past for inspiration. The car is a new model with an antique-inspired design. Lastly, the dead Shakespeare is brought to life with bright colours with graffiti on the wall. Putting it all together, the image aims to visualise an intersection between the old and the new living within the same body and in this case, the car, Gertie’s friend, Tate Modern and the Shakespeare graffiti art.

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