Team 5-02 | South


Number: 02

Title: Public-Private Access

Keywords: access, security, boundary

Description: This collage speaks of the illusory boundaries between the private and public spheres. Brick is commonly associated with private spaces: around London, bricks are the building material for many homes that we saw, and they do not allow outsiders to look within the home. On the other hand, glass seems to be associated with the notion of openness and publicness, as it allows people to look into a space and see what is taking place on the other side of the material. However, this is but an illusion, as the skyscrapers that have glass facades are some of the most heavily guarded and private spaces around. We placed images of brick and glass in a checkerboard pattern in the background of the image to show the mix of building materials we saw while walking along the South Bank. We then placed images of security cameras in each of these squares in various angles, showing that no matter whether one is in a private space or what seems to be a public space (like a public plaza/square), one is being watched — further blurring the assumed boundaries between the private and public spheres. The security cameras are colored in bright and funky colors to introduce a sense of irony into the image (building upon the irony of the blurred lines between the private and public spheres): it makes the security cameras seem playful and fun, even as they are keeping a close and watchful eye on people making use of the space.

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