Team 5-01 | South


Number: 01

Title: Top-down Bottom-up

Keywords: agency, synergy, organic

Description: In this collage, we wanted to show the two forces of regeneration in the South Bank area: that of formal top-down regeneration efforts, and that of more organic bottom-up regeneration efforts. At the bottom of the collage we have an image of the graffiti at the South Bank Skate Park, which was created by citizens informally and was later embraced by the more formal efforts of regeneration in the area. At the tip of the bottom triangle, we also placed an image of a skateboarder leaping off a ramp to show the dynamic efforts of ordinary citizens at regenerating the spaces around them. At the top of the collage we have an image of the OXO tower, which was once a factory that has since been formally converted into a mixed-use development. The two triangles pointing at each other represent the seemingly competing forces of top-down and bottom-up regeneration. However, the bright colors and happy atmosphere of the collage show how the two regeneration efforts of the area that seem to be at odds are actually synergistic and have produced a pleasing and harmonious regeneration effort in the area


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