Team 2-02 | South


Number: 2

Title: Shakespeare’s New Friends

Keywords: novelty, attraction, landmarks


The ruins of Winchester Palace sit in the background of this collage. As an old structure that has survived since the 12th Century, it has long since lost its function as a residential place. Instead, it has found new meaning as a tourist attraction where passersby stop to take a photo or two. Hence, our team chose to incorporate other elements that will accentuate this new function of the structure. For example, the Shakespeare mural that represents the street art, the sparkling man that represents the street buskers; and the food and entertainment that also serves as an attraction for tourists. However, in the window of the mural wall, one can catch a glimpse of the Big Ben and the Parliament House. These are landmarks that have represented the skylines of London throughout the world; tourist attractions that no doubt will continue to withstand the test of time for centuries. Yet, the same might not be said for Winchester Palace: what happens when tourist attractions grow old again; when food lose its novelty and buskers lose their uniqueness?

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