Team 6-02 | South


Number: 02

Title: An Ode to Texture

Keywords: concrete, glass, brick

Description: Old, new, old. Concrete, glass, brick. The architecture along the South Bank stood out in the unique textural interplay between the buildings. Concrete, the hallmark of Brutalist architecture, sat nonchalantly in the foreground against the skyline of central London, defined by its equally obsessive impulse for glass. That concrete, once the darling of architects, is steadily replaced by glass, contrasts the two as old and new, even as both textures, in their bare-boned glory, invoke similar expressive minimalism. Then, there was brick, the preferred material of industrial warehouses, power plants, and butcheries of the early twentieth century. Even as it is replicated into the present, as architecture sensitive to the time period it tries to consciously evoke and emulate, situated closely to the almost-too-clean lines of glass buildings, the texture of the brick gives off a quaint, almost old feel, like a building stuck in time, transported to the present, nothing changing other than its interior usage.

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