Team 6-01 | South


Number: 01

Title: Public Private Spaces

Keywords: privacy, spectators, intrusion

Description: The regeneration of an area often leads to an influx of visitors especially if the attempt at regeneration is successful. These visitors then become spectators when they observe the homes and the daily lives of the residents living in these areas. Moreover, the large number of visitors also call for increased security measures that often take the form of CCTVs even in residential areas. As a result, the privacy of these residents become inevitably intruded upon. But to what extent can we blame this intrusion of privacy on visitors who are now the strange neighbors of residents? We saw this sign that said “please respect our neighbors’ privacy” at the rooftop gallery of the Tate Modern, as it directly faced a residential building that had huge glass windows and allowed visitors to look into those homes. However, if those residents really wanted their privacy, they could choose to pull down their blinds. Besides, it was also probably their choice to live in that building in the first place.

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