Team 4-01 | South

collage 2

Number: 02

Title: Greener Pastures

Keywords: Old bridges, new landscape, modern art. 


In this manipulation, we have juxtaposed an art exhibition piece that we saw at the Tate museum, as well as green pastures, onto a backdrop of old bridges that we saw along South Bank.

London, a place of rich history and heritage has had many bridges built over the decades. These steel bridges represent London from the past, a highly industrialised city, bleak and unhygienic. Yet, it is also the same London that has produced the Tate museum and various modern art pieces, even blending the two by locating the Tate within one of its old factory buildings. In fact, it is this same juxtaposition of the new in the old that continues to draw interest, wonder and awe from museum-goers from all across London and the world – as we have depicted in the image with people laying on the grass, admiring the view above.

In this image, we wanted to depict how interesting it is that London is a mix of both the old and the new, and how the old continues to inspire the new. The two bridges – one a bridge for cars and another for railways – form the background of this image, representing history, while the pasture and modern art piece are placed in the foreground, representing the present and future. This symbolises how the old informs the new, always playing a vital role in the regeneration of ideas, creating greener pastures.


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