Team 4-02 | South

collage 1

Number: 01

Title: Peculiar Playground

Keywords: coexist, harmony, strange replacement


Can Flintstone be the River Thames? Can a BMX rider use books as an obstacle? Can clouds be bubbles? In this piece, we have replaced ordinary parts of the picturesque image of the Thames and Big Ben with odd textures and subjects that seem completely out of place, creating an imaginary playground. Though all of these exist in the same place – along the South Bank, we have always seen them as separate, compartmentalising them as street performer, rock, books. Yet, this photo questions the limits to the way in which we see things, allowing all of these subjects to co-exist, harmoniously, in the same frame of space.

As we walked along South Bank, we were immersed in the playful, active environment that was around us, created by these seemingly separate subjects. Not only are these elements able to coexist in the same area, they also come together in harmony to create a sense of excitement and youthfulness that contributes to the attractiveness of South Bank.

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